Flute Choir (M-S)

  • Magalif, E :: Ave Marie

    Ace Maria

    Magalif, E

    • $22.00
  • Magalif, E :: Colibri (Hummingbird)

    Colibri (Hummingbird)

    Magalif, E

    For flute and flute ensemble (flute solo, 3 flutes, alto flute, bass flute). Inspired by watching hummingbirds flying and drinking nectar on his balcony. A charming piece for the more advanced player.

    • $23.95
  • Magalif, E :: Fantomas


    Magalif, E

    Fantomas for Flute Choir by Eugene Magalif is based on a theme and sequence of chords which the composer and a friend sometimes played as kids: 'This funny and mysterious theme was easy to play on piano, four-hands. At that time, the French movie 'Fantomas' was on the cinema screens and we called this music by the name of a clever criminal the main character of the movie.'

    Instrumentation: 3 C Flutes, Alto Flute, Bass Flute, Wood Block/Tambourine (one player)

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  • Magalif, E :: Half Step Rag (Penguin)
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    Magalif, E :: Half Step Rag (Penguin)

    Half Step Rag (Penguin)
    Magalif, E

    Eugene Magalif presents Half Step Rag for 3 flutes, alto flute, and bass flute. A modern take on the ragtime style of Scott Joplin. Lots of parallel harmonies in all parts, and a chance for first flute to show off.

    • $14.36
  • Magalif, E :: Nino Lindo

    Nino Lindo (Paraphrase on a Venezuelan Folk Song) for Solo Flute and Flute Choir by Eugene Magalif. From the composer: 'Like the German 'Stille Nacht' ('Silent Night'), Polish 'W Zlobie Lezy' ('Infant Holy, Infant Lowly'), and American 'Away in a Manger,' 'Nino Lindo' is a Venezuelan carol that evokes the image of the Virgin Mary rocking the Christ-child while singing a lullaby.'

    • $34.00
  • Magalif, E :: Polyphonic Variations on the Korean Folk Song 'Arirang'

    Polyphonic Variations on the Korean Folk Song 'Arirang'

    Magalif, E

    Polyphonic Variations on the Korean Folk Song 'Arirang' for Flute Choir by Eugene Magalif.

    Instrumentation: Piccolo, 4 c flutes, alto flute, bass flute (or contrabass flute, or contralto flute in B).

    • $25.00
  • Malicoate, T :: Four Pieces
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    Malicoate, T :: Four Pieces

    Four Pieces
    Malicoate, T

    Todd Malicoate presents the Four Pieces for flute choir (piccolo, 8 flutes, alto flute, bass flute).

    • $31.50
  • Malotte, A :: The Lord's Prayer

    The Lord's Prayer

    Malotte, A

    Malotte's perennial wedding favorite, The Lord s Prayer, appropriate for any sacred occasion. Instrumentation: 5 C Flutes, Alto Flute (or C Flute), Bass Flute (or C Flute)

    • $20.00
  • Mancini, H :: Baby Elephant Walk

    Baby Elephant Walk

    Mancini, H

    A familiar piece, arranged to introduce the various members of the flute family. Suitable for many different combinations of flutes and great for large choirs.

    Instrumentation: Piccolos (or E-flat Flute) - divisi, 4 players (only splits to four parts in one measure, otherwise, unison), C Flutes - divisi, 4 players (splits to four parts in final measure only, otherwise, mostly one part with occasional 2-part divisi), Alto Flutes (or C Flute) - divisi, 3 players (only splits to three parts in two measures, otherwise, mostly one part with occasional 2-part divisi), Bass Flute, String Bass (or Contrabass Flute)

    • $25.00
  • Mancini, H :: The Pink Panther Suite Book 1

    The Pink Panther Suite Book 1

    Mancini, H

    A fun and exciting arrangement of: The Pink Panther Theme, It Had Better Be Tonight, Royal Blue. Instrumentation: 4 C Flutes (divisi), 2 Alto Flutes (or C Flutes), Bass Flute, String Bass (optional), Drums (optional)

    • $40.00
  • Mancini, H :: The Pink Panther Suite Book 2

    The Pink Panther Suite Book 2

    Mancini, H

    Contains The Village Inn and Shades of Sennett. For more Pink Panther music, check out Book 1 (FC-05). Instrumentation: 4 C Flutes (divisi) 2 Alto Flutes (or C Flutes) Bass Flute String Bass (optional) Drums (optional)

    • $30.00
  • Mandel, J :: The Shadow of Your Smile
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    Mandel, J :: The Shadow of Your Smile

    The Shadow of Your Smile
    Mandel, J

    Musicians Publications presents Johnny Mandel s The Shadow of Your Smile , the Love Theme from The Sandpiper arranged for flute choir plus by Trevor Wye. Scored for 4 C flutes, alto flute, bass (string or electric, and drum set, this arrangement written in the composer's manuscript is intermediate-advanced in difficulty.

    Let Trevor Wye s arrangement of the timeless Love Theme from 'The Sandpiper' take you back in time! At a moderato tempo, this jazzy piece will delight your ensemble and audience alike.

    • $13.50
  • Manfredini, F :: Christmas Concerto

    Christmas Concerto

    Manfredini, F

    Nourse Wind Publications presents 'Christmas Concerto: Concerto Grosso per il Santissimo Natale' for flute choir, arranged by Nancy Nourse. This piece is orchestrated for 2 solo flutes and solo alto flute, 3 accompanying C flutes, and bass flute (with contrabass flute), and alto flute (with contralto flute).

    'From the craftsmanship of the Cremona violins of Stradivari to the trio sonatas and concerti grossi of Arcangelo Corelli, the Italians of the late seventeenth and early eighteenth centuries saw the blossoming of a highly-developed instrumental ensemble with the homogeneous string family firmly established as its core.

    Around 1684, in the midst of this artistic activity, Franceso Onofrio Manfredini was born in Pistoia, Italy. Following his first music lessons from his trombonist father, Manfredini departed for Bologna for further studies in counterpoint with Giacomo Perti and violin with Giuseppe Torelli. Before the turn of the century, Manfredini moved to Ferrara where he became the first violinist for the Church of the Holy Spirit. His first published work, a set of chamber sonatas, dates from his return to Bologna in 1704. His opus 3 concerti, which include this Christmas Concerto, are dedicated to Antoine I of Monaco for whom it is said that Manfredini served as kappelmeister from 1711. The later years of his life were spent back in Pistoia in the post of music director at St. Philip's Cathedral.

    Manfredini's 'Concerto Grosso per il Santissimo Natale' was published in Bologna in 1718, nine years after Torelli's Christmas Concerto, and just six years after Corelli's celebrated work. As in both of these other compositions, there is a pastorale movement that uses the dotted siciliano rhythm pattern in 12/8 time, evoking images of the shepherds and the nativity. Also similar to these two other restrained, Bolognese-styled concerti, Manfredini's composition is neither showy nor technically demanding, but uses the soloist group as a dynamic and textural contrast to the full orchestral tutti.

    This transcription for flute orchestra has been transposed up a perfect fourth in order to accommodate the instruments of the flute family. A tutti alto flute, as well as parts for contrabass and contralto flute, has been included and may be used at the discretion of the director. Despite the previous concepts flutists may have regarding the term concerto, this work requires a peaceful and blended ensemble tone as opposed to displays of soloistic virtuosity. Although it was a general performance practice of the baroque to ornament solo passages at will, Corelli insisted that his Christmas Concerto be realized as written, without any additional ornamentation. This preference would seem to apply equally to Manfredini's concerto so that the emotional intensity of continually dissonant suspensions would be preserved. As in the baroque bow sigh, an unequal pairing of eight notes and a pure, vibrato-less tone for the middle movement would seem appropriate. Care must be taken to avoid accelerating the tempo of this movement.'

    - Nancy Nourse

    • $24.00
  • Manuel, R :: Alleluia


    Manuel, R

    A gorgeous choral work that begged to be transcribed for flute choir. Scored for 3 C Flutes, Alto Flute, and Bass Flute. Finalist 2001 NFA Newly Published Music.

    • $23.00
  • Marais, M :: Les Folies d'Espagne

    Les Folies d'Espagne

    Marais, M

    Originally for solo flute, Gudrun Hinze has masterfully adapted this classic work for flute quintet. From the original she has included the theme as well as 19 of the couplets in this clever arrangement.


    3 C Flutes (2nd Flute doubles on Piccolo), Alto Flute, Bass Flute.

    • $26.00
  • Mascagni, P :: Intermezzo-Cavalleria Rusticana

    Intermezzo-Cavalleria Rusticana

    Mascagni, P

    This arrangement of the Intermezzo-Cavalleria Rusticana is a unique arrangement of probably the best known piece that Mascagni ever wrote. Counter melodies woven around the theme complement its beauty to provide memorable music for both performers and audiences. It is scored for 5 C flutes, 2 alto flutes and 1 bass flute.

    • $19.99
  • Massart, A :: Douze petits mysteres [12 Little Mysteries]

    Gerard Billaudot Editions presents composer Arnould Massart's 'Douze petits mysteres [12 Little Mysteries]' for flute ensemble. Arranged for piccolo, 5 flutes, and alto flute, this edition contains a score only and no separate parts.

    • $29.95
  • Massenet, J :: Ballet Suite from Le Cid

    Ballet Suite from Le Cid

    Massenet, J

    The ballet suite from the second act of of the opera Le Cid is one of Massenet's most highly-regarded works for orchestra. Set in 12th century Spain, the subject matter of the opera is the exploits of Don Rodrigue (Le Cid) as he battles against the Moors and fights for the woman he loves. The dance movements suggest the vibrant sounds and rhythms of Spain.

    • $33.00
  • Maury, L :: Changes
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    Maury, L :: Changes

    Maury, L
    Theme and variations for piccolo, 5 flutes, and alto flute. Each performer rotates their position on stage to the center stand where they are featured for one variation. Colorful work. Score and parts included.
    • $30.60
  • Mayne, K :: Seascapes
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    Mayne, K :: Seascapes

    Mayne, K

    From the frenzied flutter-tonguing of Gulls' Flight to the somber sonorities of Creatures Of The Deep, this award-winning piece paints a vivid picture of the ocean's many faces. This challenging composition is fun to play from downbeat to double bar.

    Written for: 2 piccolos, 6 c flutes, 2 alto flutes (optional C flutes) & 2 bass flutes.

    • $23.77
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