Making Music and Enriching Lives: A Guide for All Music Teachers

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Making Music and Enriching Lives fills an important niche in the very large world of books about music. It's unlike any other instructional book in the way it addresses comprehensive, across-the-board issues that affect all teachers, students, and musicians. In this book, you will find specifics not only about how to teach music, but also about how to motivate and inspire students of any age.

In this first volume of her Music for Life series, Bonnie Blanchard (with Cynthia Blanchard Acree) shares successful approaches with both students and teachers that have worked wonders in her own studio to produce successful students who are energized about their lessons and their music. These books touch on all aspects of music instruction from running a studio to student motivation and teaching technique to performing, while addressing not just the musician, but the whole person along the way.

Soft cover, 321 pages.

"A unique book that goes beyond instrumental instruction to show step by step what makes a good teacher with skilled, committed students. Beginning and experienced teachers will find new tricks and inspiration here, to rekindle their love of teaching and music. Bonnie's tips and stories will show how to run a studio, motivate students, deal with stage fright, teach artistry, and involve the whole family in music. This book is serious about music, but it's also fun—something that should always be part of good music instruction." - Sir James Galway

"Blanchard's dedication is apparent, and she holds the reader to no lesser standard. With some effort, any chapter of this book could drastically improve an aspect of your teaching.Oct. 2008"  - Tristan Arnold, Strings Magazine

Table of Contents


Part 1. Enriching Lives
  1. Transform Your Teaching Style: The Music for Life Method
  2. Focus on Relationships First
  3. Instill Pride and Respect
  4. Show Students Your Commitment to Excellence
  5. Promote a Love of Learning and Independence
  6. Create an Atmosphere of Achievement
  7. Attitude Is Everything
  8. Make Practice a Priority
  9. Increase Success with the Music for Life Notebook System
  10. Energize Students with Goals
  11. Recognize and Reward Results and Effort
  12. Foster Happy, Confident Students
  13. Host Fun Musical Events

Part 2. Making Music
  14. Use Practice Tricks for Fast Results
  15. Musicality Makes the Difference
  16. Multiply the Fun in Chamber Music
  17. Take the Fear Out of Memorization
  18. Help Students Become Confident Sight Readers

Part 3. Tackling Your Toughest Teaching Challenges
  19. In the Beginning
  20. Make Learning Fun (and Less Painful) for Adults
  21. Troubleshoot Problems and Turn around Complaints
  22. Prepare Students for Performance
  23. Conquer Stage Fright
  24. Ace the Audition
  25. When It's Time to Say Goodbye
  26. Ask the Teacher

Part 4. Running Your Private Music Studio
  27. Establish Your Private Studio and Develop a Business Plan
  28. Get Paid What You're Worth
  29. A Life in the Arts: Is It for You?
  30. Make the Teacher's Life Easier

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