For more than 120 years the William S. Haynes Company has been producing some of the most respected and revered flutes and piccolos in the world. It all started in Boston at the turn of the 19th century when William Sherman and George Haynes produced their first flute. In 1935, more than 40 years later, George Barrere commissioned the first American made Platinum flute from Wm S. Haynes Company. Fast forward another 40 years and the 1980s brought an evolution in Haynes headjoint designs and the Deveau scale, a collaboration between Lewis Deveau and Phillip Kaplan. In 2004 the Eastman Music Company, owned by Qian Ni, purchased the Wm S Haynes Company, and in 2012 Haynes introduced its pinless mechanism which has since been phased into all subsequent Custom flutes. Today, a carefully selected team of artisans continue to innovate while still creating each flute using the time-honored ideas developed over many years that create the tone in a Wm. S. Haynes flute sought after throughout the world. The greatest flutists still seek a Haynes flute for its colorful, yet powerful tone; flexible, yet resilient sound; and silky with remarkably clean pearl-like articulation.

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