Tobias Mancke has quickly become one of the top headjoint makers in the world, and for good reason - his headjoints display some of the most exquisite, detailed craftsmanship extant. Mancke, a past apprentice of fellow headjoint maker Dana Sheridan, specializes in combinations. Every Mancke headjoint features amalgamations of materials and innovative cuts designed to enhance paricular aspects of tonal flexbility, range, and color, providing a huge range of dynamic and tonal possibilities to choose from. Every headjoint is also a work of fine art, with unsurpassed finish quality and detail.

Mancke flute headjoints are almost infinitely customizable - and infinitely varied. A silver tube might be paired with a cocuswood lip plate, a gold riser, and a gold crown - or it might be all silver, all the way through. A wooden grendilla headjoint might have a gold tenon and a platinum riser, or it might be simple wood for that solid, earthy sound. Each mixed or pure combination brings its own qualities to the table.

Mancke piccolo headjoints are designed to fit nearly all piccolos, regardless of brand. Custom adapter sleeves, sized for dozens of brands, allow the piccolo player to select a unique, highly responsive headjoint in the same way a player selects a flute headjoint.

The Carolyn Nussbaum Music Company is proud to offer the largest selection of Mancke headjoints in the United States.

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